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The DocTips Family
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The DocTips by Vape Werkstatt

We are gladly announce that the Doctips are made in Indonesia and we are the one who is responsible for knurled hype around the world. CHEERS!

There are 2 types of DocTips. The DocTips Original and The DocTips Frost

The Doctips Original are made with our famous German Derlin® as the main material. So it has a better heat resistance than the other Drip Tips!

The DocTips Frost are made from a transparent material that has a very good heat resistance (up to 130 degree Celsius). This gorgeous material are something new and fresh for a Driptip!

About German Derlin® :

Our German Derlin® is a crystalline plastic, which offers an excellent balance of properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics.

It possesses high tensile strength, creep resistance, and toughness and also exhibits low moisture absorption.

These characters makes Derlin® ideal for vape equipment applications.

We made The Doctips with several model and sizes to fit in your beloved RDA. It also match perfectly with The M.M.K All Black Series MOD, because the DocTips has the same knurl model and material as our M.M.K All Black Series MOD as you can see in the picture.

The DocTips Original & Frost are fit in these following RDA:

- 810 Driptip Size (Goon RDA / Druga RDA / CSMNT / AV Captain Cap / etc.)
- Recoil RDA
- Apocalypse RDA
- TM24 RDA
- TM22 RDA

Coming Soon for other RDA, stay tuned . . .


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