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Vape Werkstatt Product Review

Here you can find the review of our products in different languages and reviewed by several people. Thanks for everyone who reviewing our products.


The M.M.K MOD by Kennvapes

Video by: Kennvapes Jambi (Indonesia)

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

The M.M.K ABS by Fatrio

Video by: Fatrio (Indonesia)

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

The M.M.K ABS by Indo Mech MOD

Video by: Indonesia Mechanical MOD (Indonesia)

Language: Bahasa Indoneisa



The M.M.K MOD & DocTips by Juicy

Video by: Juicy Snoos (France)

Language: French


How to Clean Pin Connectors by TY Project

Video by: TY Project (Indonesia)

Language: Universal

P.S.: This video contain the unique Indonesian way to clean the connectors

The M.M,K Tips by Vaperstuff

Video by: Vaperstuff (Indonesia)

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

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