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The M.M.K V.I.P Edition

This MODs are 100% Indonesian Handmade

The M.M.K V.I.P Stabilised Wood Edition is a quite unique & rare mechanical MOD. It was made especially for vape collector, as we all already knew that there are only just quite few modders that can make a flush 22mm MOD with permanent stabilised wood sleeve, our signature is a natural classic stabilised wood sleeve, which means we keep the looks as natural & classy as possible, if you're looking for over dyed stabilised wood, probably we are not the right one.

Herewith we offer you an opportunity to own one of our masterpiece. We are always put our quality over passion.


  • Diameter 22mm

  • Diameter 24mm


  • Each wood design of the MOD would never be the same

  • Natural Classy Dyed Solid Stabilised Wood Style, Not Hybrid Stabilised Wood!

  • 22mm / 24mm Diameter (include permanent Stab. Wood sleeve)

  • 89mm Height

  • High Performance Copper Core Insert

  • 18650 Single Tube Floating Battery

  • Neodymium Magnet

  • Recessed Button

  • Classic Hybrid 510 Connector

  • Hand Polished Finished Stabilised Wood

  • User Preferences Serial Number

  • *Included to silver plated pin connectors

P.S.: Now you can increase the power and durability of your M.M.K MOD Series with The M.M.K Performance Pack. Please check them out.

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